Mother's Dress Shop Chapter II

by: Judi

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Synopsis: Thirteen-year-old Allen Wells is prettily dressed by his doting mother, who plans to take him to a bridal shower as a girl.
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Mother's Dress Shop Part II


Allen couldn't sleep that night. He was overwhelmed by his experience of seeing Mrs. Emily Parker feminize her six-year-old son at his mother's dress shop. The image of little Robert strolling out of the shop in a sissy blue dress was emblazoned on his mind. But that was not all that troubled him. He was also obsessed by Mrs. Parker's commenting that he would make a nice girl and asking him if he would like to wear a dress like Robert's.

Allen found himself wondering, "I'm a thirteen-year-old boy. Why do I keep thinking about this?"

Well, gentle reader, it should not be difficult for us to understand Allen's dilemma. As a thirteen-year-old, he had neither the insight nor the maturity to objectively evaluate his thought processes. The fact is that Allen's mother had admitted in her own words that she wished he had been born a girl. Her desires for her son did not necessitate her raising him in dresses but they nevertheless surfaced in her everyday conversations and interaction with Allen.

Secondly, Allen spend every day after school in his mother's dress shop surrounded by women and girls, dresses and lingerie. I think most would agree that dress shops are not the ideal breeding grounds for the development of boyish ideas and pursuits. Thirdly, Allen was involved in daily conversation with the ladies and girls who patronized the shop. As one might imagine, the talk was not of hunting and fishing nor of the National Football League, but rather about clothing, make up, perfume, and other girly topics. This little boy was immersed in a feminine setting, and being the child of a woman who wished he were a girl, he was subtly, but gradually being drawn into a very feminine world.

Allen was not the only one who was restless that night. His mother, Jennifer, also lay awake thinking. While she loved Allen with all of her heart, she was admittedly jealous of Emily Parker who already had one daughter and was on her way to having a second. Jennifer admired Emily's readiness to use petticoat punishment on her little boy to get him to behave in a more genteel manner. Even though the child was initially reluctant to dress like a girl, Jennifer sensed that with much love and training, he would soon adapt to his new role. Emily was not the kind of woman to give up easily, and Jennifer made a note to call her new friend in a week or so to find out how the family was getting along.

As she reflected on Robert's feminization, Jennifer concluded that the time was right for her to fulfill her own dreams for Allen. She was highly encouraged by Allen's somewhat evasive answer to her question,

"What did you think when Mrs. Parker asked you if you'd like to wear a dress?"

She reasoned that most boys would immediately respond in the negative and express resentment that the question was even asked. They would see it as an attack on their masculinity and they would display anger toward their mother. But Allen's reaction was quite different.

He replied, "Oh my goodness, I was so surprised."

Then, when his mother asked him if he thought it would be fun, the boy replied that he guessed that it would be "sometimes."

Jennifer recalled that her son did not get upset when she suggested that maybe she and Allen could play dress up together.

Jennifer finally dozed off with the pleasant thoughts of putting Allen in the girl's clothes she knew would look cute on him. Yesterday's experience at the dress shop was still fresh in her mind when she awakened the next morning. It was Sunday and the shop was closed, giving her a chance to spend some quality time with Allen. Nevertheless, she still felt obligated to attend the 4:00 o'clock bridal shower of a long time client who was getting married the next month. But she couldn't get Allen out of her mind.

The thought kept returning, "I must get Allen into a dress."

She wondered if Emily had kept Robert in his blue dress the rest of the day and if she made him sleep in a nightgown that night. As her thoughts intensified she was steadily working up the courage to confront Allen with her desires. Putting on her white satin quilted robe over her long, silky nightgown, she entered Allen's room. The boy was just stirring when his mother sat down on the side of his bed. Her child looked angelic with his blonde bangs falling over his forehead.

Jennifer chided herself for thinking, "He needs a ribbon in his hair," but then she thought, "He really does."

The boy opened his eyes and said, "Hi mommy."

Jennifer loved it when he called her mommy the way a small child would. As far as she was concerned, Allen had grown up way too fast.

Jennifer stroked the boy's head and whispered, "Darling, I want to talk to you about something very important this morning and mommy wants you to listen very carefully. Will you do that for mommy?"

The boy became more alert and shook his head that he would.

Jennifer gathered her thoughts and began, "Allen, you and I witnessed a very special happening at the shop yesterday. Do you know what I am referring to, honey?"

Allen answered, "I think so, mommy. The little boy named Robert was changed into a girl by his mother."

"That's right, sweetheart. Mrs. Parker and her daughter dressed little Robert up very prettily to help him become a better-behaved child. Do you remember what Robert was wearing when he left the store?"

"He was wearing a dress, mommy," Allen answered.

"That's right darling, he was wearing a dress because his mother knew that it was best for him."

As Allen sat up in bed with two pillows propped up behind him, his mother sat alongside him, placing her arm around her son's shoulders.

Squeezing his shoulder ever so gently, she continued, "Sweetheart, Robert was dressed as a girl by his mother because he was a very discourteous and disobedient child. His mother is applying a form of discipline called, "petticoat punishment", with the expectation that he will learn to be gentle and well-behaved just like a little girl. Throughout history, Allen, many boys have experienced petticoat punishment and they have become better persons because of it. In fact, Allen, some of the boys liked it so much that they decided to remain girls when they got older."

As Allen listened intently to his mother's words, she looked directly into his eyes and said, "Sweetheart, I am so glad that you do not need petticoat punishment because you are already a mother's delight. You are sweet and gentle and I hope you do not mind my telling you this – you already behave nicely like a girl."

Then, seeing a little smile on her son's face, Jennifer hugged him and said, "Darling, have you ever felt like a girl? I mean, have you ever thought that maybe you would like to be more like mommy?"

Allen, feeling very relaxed by his mother's loving tone and sweet caresses heard himself saying, "Sometimes, mommy, when the boys at school are mean to me because I do not like to play sports or get into fights like they do."

"Oh, honey," Jennifer responded, "Mommy is so glad that you do not like to do those things. You are my sweet angel and not cut out for the rough play of the boys. Mommy would much rather have you go shopping with her or help her around the house. Wouldn't that be more fun for you, Allen?"

Allen began to cry and said, "Yes, mommy. Sometimes I wish I were a girl so I could stay with you all the time."

As Allen and his mother embraced, Jennifer comforted her son and determined that she would not permit him to be tormented by the boys at school anymore.

A world of ideas flooded her mind and she said to Allen, "Honey, mommy has a wonderful idea. Today is Sunday and since tomorrow is a holiday, the shop will be closed. Why don't you and I get all dressed up just for fun. You can see what it is like to dress and feel like a girl and we can pretend that we are mother and daughter for a day. You will forget all about the boys at school teasing you. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes, mommy. I think that would be fun."

"Good girl!" Jennifer said, as the two laughed together.

Jennifer continued, "Allen, why don't you go and take your bath while I run down to the shop and pick out some clothes for you to wear today and tomorrow. I'll be back in about twenty minutes."

Allen was all fresh and clean when mother returned from the dress shop. Coming in with several packages and boxes, she brought them into her spacious bedroom and placed them on the pink and white floral comforter. Then she went and hugged Allen.

Holding him at arm's length she said, "Allen, do I smell perfume on you?"

Allen smiled and said, "Yes, mommy, I hope you don't mind. I spritzed myself with your favorite perfume while you were gone."

"Oh, you little girl, you," his mother laughed. "Well, you smell delightful which is just fine because when I am through with you, young lady, you are going to look delightful as well."

Jennifer kissed Allen on his cheek and said, "Well, Miss Wells, it's time for your transformation. But we really do need to give you a girl's name. If you had been born a girl, which you should have been, I would have called you Susan, so that is going to be your new name. I christen you, Susan Wells, the beautiful daughter of Jennifer Wells. Do you like your new name, honey?"

Allen was trying to take all this in but his senses were on overload.

He began to cry again so his mother had to hold him saying, "It's alright honey. It's alright. This is going to be the most wonderful day of your life. Today, you are going to become my little Susan and the mean old boys will never bother you again."

Jennifer released the child from her embrace and opened the large pink "Jennifer's Dress Shop" shopping bag that was on the bed.

Before taking out its contents she said, "Take off your robe, Susan, so mommy can get you properly dressed.

t was still early in the morning so Jennifer estimated that she would have several hours dressing and fussing over her son before she had to get ready for the shower.

It was then that the idea struck her, "I can take Allen to the shower as Susan." Jennifer became very excited at this thought and determined that she would make Allen into the prettiest girl in the neighborhood.

Allen stood before his mother with his hands hiding his private parts. It was then that Jennifer removed a pair of nylon, lace-trimmed pink panties from the shopping bag. The panties screamed "girl" and Allen felt weak in the knees as his mother beckoned him to come toward her. Jennifer was smiling and the thought of Allen wearing these luxurious girly panties excited her in ways that she did not yet understand.

Jennifer whispered, It's "girl time, darling. It's time to leave your boyhood behind and become the little girl you were always meant to be. Now, lift your foot honey, and let mommy start you on your journey to femininity. You're not a boy anymore."

Allen did as he was told and Jennifer quickly pulled up the boy's panties as if she couldn't make him a girl fast enough. Allen responded with a little whimper as he felt the silkiness make him a girl like his mother. Deep inside his mind something was happening as well as long suppressed feminine thoughts and feelings sought to escape.

Jennifer gazed lovingly at her son, wondering what was going through his mind as he became Susan before her very eyes.

"Can you feel it, honey. Do you feel that you are becoming my Susan," Jennifer pleaded.

Allen replied, "Yes, mother. I am starting to feel so different. My panties make me feel like a girl."

"Yes, yes, darling," his mother exclaimed. "You are supposed to feel that way. You are a girl. You are my Susan. Stand still honey," Jennifer said.

She was afraid that perhaps all this was a dream and that she would wake up. Jennifer then reached into the shopping bag and retrieved a dainty, pink nylon training bra in Allen's size.

Allen saw the feminine garment and swayed slightly as mother approached him with it.

Jennifer was nearly ecstatic and with teary eyes, haltingly said, "Look, honey. Your first bra. Isn't it the prettiest bra you have ever seen? You are going to feel so grown up wearing it."

Allen had his hands frozen at his side, very much aware of the pleasant feeling of the silkiness of his panties.

Jennifer said, "Darling, your new bra is identical to the one mother is wearing, just smaller to fit my beautiful new daughter."

Jennifer held the bra out and after instructing the stunned Allen to hold out his arms, she put the bra on her son. After fastening the clips and adjusting the straps to make Allen feel snug and comfortable in this new item of clothing for him, Jennifer slipped pads into his cups that gave him pert little breasts, just right for a sweet boy of thirteen.

Jennifer then took Allen by the hand and mother and son walked to the full length mirror by the side of the dresser and Allen beheld himself as little Susan, looking cute and charming in his new pink bra and panties. Thrilled at the appearance of her new daughter, Jennifer could not resist putting a little lipstick on him. Reaching for her purse, she reached in and pulled out a tube of cherry shimmer Maybelline lipstick.

Taking her pantied son by the hand, she drew him close to her and said, "Let's give your lips a little color, Susan."

For an instant, Allen held back, perhaps experiencing an instinctive boyish revolt at being feminized. Jennifer sensed his hesitancy in her spirit but she was too caught up in the process to hold back now.

She held on more firmly to his hand and said, "Susan, stand still and let me put your lipstick on."

While Allen had agreed to play dress up with his mother, he may not have expected how quickly his mother got into it.

Jennifer smoothed the lipstick on the boy's soft, cupid-shaped lips and stepped back to admire her handiwork. The lipstick gave Allen a sweet, girlish look and Jennifer beamed. But it was time to put Allen into his slip. Jennifer knew that this would be a big step for her son and she did not want him having second thoughts, seeing that a slip is such a girly item of clothing. No regular boy willingly wears a slip unless he is a sissy and Jennifer was a little afraid that at some point in her feminization of Allen that he would decide enough was enough.

So she planned ahead and bought Allen a slip that was identical to the one that she was wearing. She hoped that this would ease Allen's transition into a girl by enabling him to forget that he was a boy by identifying completely with her. For this reason, before taking Allen's slip out of the shopping bag, Jennifer removed her dress and stood before Allen in her own pink nylon slip with its lavish lace on the bodice and the hem. Allen had not seem his mother in just her slip, for the family always practiced modesty. Consequently the little boy was shocked, but at the same time he could not take his eyes off the pretty garment that his mother was wearing.

Jennifer said, "Susan dear, I do not think you have ever seen mommy in one of her pretty slips before. But that is understandable. Boys aren't suppose to see the pretty lingerie that girls wear under their dresses and skirts. But since you are not a boy anymore, mommy wants you to see her slip. Isn't it pretty honey?"

Jennifer said, "Come over here darling and touch it and see how silky it is. Allen walked to his mother's side in his own silky bra and panties and felt his mother's slip. She then said, "Touch the lace on the hem, darling. Don't you just love pretty lace?"

Allen was a left speechless, as the wonderful and mysterious world of femininity was so new to him.

The child fingered the lace and said to his mother, "Yes, mommy, it is very pretty lace."

Jennifer then said, "I'm glad that you like it, Susan, because mommy has a big surprise for you."

Jennifer then reached into the shopping bag and pulled out an identical pink slip in Allen's size, complete with exquisite lace at the bodice and the hem.

Jennifer swished it back and forth in front of the boy and said, "Look Allen. This is your very own slip and it is exactly like mommy's. Mommy is also wearing panties and a bra just like yours so we will be dressed exactly alike."

Allen felt very strange inside. He sensed that he and mommy were no longer playing a game and that she was turning him into a girl, the girl she always wanted. He felt weak and helpless in her presence and felt his boyishness leaving him with every passing minute.

Jennifer snapped Allen out of his dream world and said, "Here Susan. Take your slip and feel its texture. It is the most expensive slip that we sell at the shop. Only very fashionable girls wear such lovely lingerie."

Allen reached out and held his slip carefully in his hands. He treated it like it was a precious Ming vase, fearful of inadvertently dropping it.

While his mother smiled, Allen touched the lace at the bodice and the hem and thought, "Only the girliest girl would wear a slip as frilly as this one."

Then his mother came over and said, "Susan, my sweet daughter, let me help you with your pretty slip."

His mother gently took the garment out of her son's hands and placed it over his head. Allen felt it shimmering down his body until it stopped just above his knees. The boy felt encased in femininity and his mother, feeling proud of her new daughter held him closely in a tight embrace. Allen looked to the side and saw in the full length mirror, two girls in beautiful pink slips hugging one another, and a bit more of his boyishness departed, never to return again.

While Jennifer could not wait to get Allen into his full-skirted pink dress, she didn't want to rush any segment of her son's feminization. Before putting his dress on him, she wanted to paint his nails. She instructed the boy to sit on the edge of her bed, keeping his knees together, like a proper girl. She then reached for the nail polish that matched his lipstick and told Allen to sit close to her while she polished his nails. Jennifer and Allen could see themselves in the mirror, mother and son, sitting prettily in their pink slips side by side. Allen felt a warm glow sitting alongside his mother and thought how lucky girls were to have such a close relationship with their mothers.

Allen's mother must have sensed what Allen was thinking because she looked down at him and said, "Isn't it fun to be a girl like mommy, honey? Don't you just love us being in matching slips and panties?"

Allen looked up at his mother and finding it difficult to express what he was feeling, just nodded his head, prompting mother to give him a gentle hug. Jennifer knew what she was doing to Allen. She was making a girl out of him and she loved every minute of it.

She then said, "Hold out your hands, Susan."

Allen did as he was told and Jennifer began to apply the pretty shade of nail polish to the child's nails. One by one, Allen saw his nails become feminine just like mothers. He had to admit to himself that he was feeling more and more comfortable in his slip, and the fact that mother's slip was identical to his, made him feel even closer to her. He snuggled closer to her on the bed and yielded to the strong feelings of girlishness that were encompassing his entire body.

Upon polishing the boy's last nail, Jennifer said, "All through, Princess. Now blow on your nails so that they will dry."

The boy held his prettified hands out in front of him and gently blew on his nails. He glanced at himself in the mirror, thinking that time with mother was so much more fun than playing baseball or football where the boys mocked and laughed at him. Mother was not laughing at him but was extremely proud of him. She wanted him to be a girl and she liked the way he looked in his slip and nail polish."

Jennifer said, "Honey, it's time for your next surprise."

Allen wondered what it would be. The child's curiosity was satisfied when his mother pulled a pair of silky nylon stockings out of the shopping bag.

Jennifer said, "Susan dear, I was going to put you in tights but since you are thirteen years old now, I do not think it is too early for you to wear nylons like a big girl. Mommy got you this lovely pair of sheer nylons to wear under your pink dress. Let's put them on before we put you in your dress."

The skirted boy sat on the edge of the bed as his mother lifted his slip to put his nylons on. She first reached into the bag and pulled out a pink garter belt, an article of clothing that Allen had never seen before.

Jennifer said, "This is to hold your nylons up, dear."

Reaching under the boy's slip, Jennifer attached the pink satin garter belt around his waist and slipped the thin straps through his pink panties. Then with loving care she began to roll the child's nylons up the boy's smooth legs, first one leg and then the other. Allen had never felt anything quite like it.

The feeling of nylon against his legs and thighs made him almost swoon, and all the while mommy was saying, "My sweet little girl. My darling Susan."

Allen was drifting deeper and deeper into total femininity and truly becoming one with his lovely mother. Finally Jennifer fastened the boy's nylons to his garter belt and told him to stand up.

As Allen stood, he felt the tug of his stocking against his garter belt and it awakened even new sensations in him. His nylons rubbed against his silky slip as he swished around the room much to his mother's delight.

"That's my girl," Jennifer said. Walk around and enjoy your frilly lingerie, sweetheart, while I put my dress back on."

The boy tiptoed around the room, aware of the feminine feeling engendered by his slip and stockings. Jennifer slipped back into her dress and went to the closet to retrieve the next item of Allen's new wardrobe. It was his dress!

As she ran her lovely hands over the beautiful creation, she thought, "At last, I will have him in a dress. I do hope that he will like the one I picked out for him."

Jennifer did not stop to think that most mothers do not put their sons in dresses. But she was well beyond thinking rationally about Allen. She saw him becoming her little girl and her excitement knew no bounds. Reaching into the closet she brought out a pink, knee length, full- skirted ribbon-embroidered dress with a pretty bow at the waistline. The dress had a back zippered closure and a ribbon tied sash. Allen's mouth opened wide as he saw that the dress was identical to the one his mother was wearing. Jennifer had bought mother and daughter dresses for the two of them. The dress was an ideal dress for a new girl, totally feminine and designed to make a child feel both pretty and loved.

Smiling at Allen, Jennifer held up the boy's new dress and said, "Look Susan, a dress just like mommy's. Are you ready to be mommy's girl? Come on, honey. It's time to stop being a boy. Let's get your dress on you. We can't have you walking around in your slip all day."

The boy glided gracefully to his mother and after raising his hands high, Jennifer slipped the gorgeous pink creation on her son. The dress fell almost to his knees properly covering his pretty slip. Jennifer adjusted his skirt and after spinning him around, tied the beautiful sash in the back.

Turning Allen towards the mirror, she said, "Look at you, darling. You're beautiful."

Jennifer said, "Now for another surprise, honey."

Allen wondered what this one would be. As he was imagining what would come next Jennifer removed the cover of a shoe box and brought out a darling pair of white pumps for Allen to wear. The shoes had pretty bows and cute little straps, but more important, they had lovely two inch heels.

"Aren't they pretty, honey?" Jennifer said, as she held them up for Allen to examine. Sit down at the vanity table and let mother put them on you. You will love the way the heels make you feel when you walk."

Jennifer put the high heeled little girl shoes on her son and told him to walk across the room. Allen got up, stumbled a little, but then did as his mother instructed him with exceptional grace and dignity.

Jennifer was very proud with the way Allen managed his heels and thought, "I think there was always a little girl inside my child just waiting for the opportunity to come out."

Jennifer sighed as she thought, "He is almost a girl. Now for the last item. I do so hope he will not rebel."

Jennifer reached into a large round box and pulled out a darling blonde shoulder length wig for her son. The wig was already styled and would look just perfect on him.

Calling Allen to herself, Jennifer said, Sweetheart, soon your own hair will grow long and pretty. But until then, we need to put you in this beautiful wig so you can have long hair like a girl."

Without waiting for the boy to reply, Jennifer placed it on his head and adjusted it so that it fit perfectly.

After placing a pink satin hair bow on each side of his head, Jennifer said, "Now my Susan is complete."

It may have taken thirteen years to get to this point, but mother and son had finally arrived.

Jennifer said, "Look in the mirror again, dear. What do you see."

"I see a little girl, mommy. A little girl who is me."

That's right, honey. You are mommy's girl now, and we are going to have such fun together. I am going to teach you all about clothes, and sewing and baking cookies. Mommy is going to buy you dolls to play with and make up sets to practice with. You are going to be a lovely little Miss, Susan, and each day you will become more of a girl."

"But mommy," Allen said, "what about school?"

Jennifer replied, I am going to enroll you in Mrs. Peterson's Academy for Girls in the Fall, sweetheart. I talked with her some time ago and she told me that if I ever decide to make you a girl, you will be welcome as a student in her school. Mrs. Peterson is a wonderful woman and she loves making little boys into girls. She already has three boys enrolled whose mothers want them to be girls. I think you are going to love the uniforms, honey. Every day you will be wearing a little pleated skirt and frilly blouse."

But what about before then, mommy?"

"Sweetie, mommy is taking you out of school for the remaining weeks of the school year so she can teach you all about being a girl. This will be a whole new life for you and we want you to fit in just right with all the other school girls with whom you will shortly be attending classes." I called our new friend, Mrs. Parker earlier this morning, and she is as excited as I am that you are going to become a girl. She wants to bring Robert and Jane over so the three of you can become better acquainted."

As she spoke, Jennifer couldn't help but feel a tremendous love for her son as he stood before her in his blonde wig and pretty pink dress.

She thought, "He makes such a lovely little girl."

Jennifer then said, "Susan, you have had so many surprises this morning. I do not know if you can handle another one."

Allen said, "Is there another surprise, mommy? You can tell me. I will be brave."

"Well, honey, there is one more surprise, and I hope you will like it. This afternoon, mommy is going to Nancy McAdams bridal shower and she wants to take you with her. Would you like to go, honey?"

Allen said, "Sure mommy. Should I take my dress off now and get ready?"

ennifer looked at her son strangely and said, "Take your dress off? Of course not, honey. You will be going to the bridal shower with me as Susan. Surely you have not forgotten already that you are a girl now."

Allen suddenly became a little nervous.

"But mommy," he said, "does that mean I am going to wear a dress outside?"

"Of course it does, honey. That's what girls wear. They do not wear pants, especially to bridal showers. All the girls dress up prettily in their best frocks and play little games and things. You will look perfect in your pink dress."

Allen still seemed a little scared so Jennifer hugged him and said, "Don't you worry your pretty little head. You can practice being a girl all morning and by the time that we are ready to go, you will have forgotten that you were ever a boy."

"But mommy," Allen continued.

Jennifer said, "Don't be saying, ‘But mommy,' Susan. You and I both know that becoming a girl is best for you. Look how pretty you are. There is no need to worry about going outside as a girl. You will be with mommy and I will protect you. Now I think it is time for us to stop and have a little something to eat. We have been so busy making you pretty that we forgot all about lunch."

Mother's words had a calming affect on the new little girl. He reached out to take his mother's hand and the two walked into the kitchen. Allen smoothed his skirt under him as he sat down, much to the delight of his mother.

Jennifer smiled at her child and thought, "This is the happiest day of my life. I finally have my little Susan and he is the sweetest girl a mother could want. I can't wait to show him off to all the women and girls."

Jennifer looked at the clock and said, "It won't be long before we leave for the bridal shower, honey, and then all my friends will meet my sweet little Susan."

Allen smiled sweetly at his mother prompting her to give him a hug. Shortly the two would be off for the shower, drawing Allen deeper into the world of femininity.