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Synopsis:Constance Vanderworth's efforts to keep her nephew Lawrence a billionaire trust fund playboy in line haven't worked up to this point. She has a plan to get him to change his ways but when that fails she decides that another plan is in order.
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Constance Vanderworth, the matriarch of the Vanderworth clan paced the large living room while her nephew Lawrence stood quietly by. She studied one of the stories on the front page of the local newspaper concerning him. It wasn't the top story mind you but nonetheless, it was front page. "Millionaire Playboy Totals New Ferrari In Downtown Police Chase."

It gave all the details, all the details about the women, the clubs, the nightlife, the reckless attitude and the story that led up to the accident then continued on by giving a written chronicle of poor Lawrence, billionaire heir, nephew to the Constance Vanderworth family that had followed his exploits since he was a child. "I am so glad your parents aren't alive to see what you've become Lawrence. You're a disappointment to say the least!" Constance said as she put the paper on the table. "What is it Lawrence? How can it be that a privileged young man like you, who had everything he could ever want or even imagine could turn out to be so absolutely worthless, hummm?" she queried.

"I...I don't know, I don't know what I want. I guess I just don't fit in," Lawrence returned meekly brushing the shock of blonde hair away from his eyes as he stood there meekly.

"You don't fit in?" Constance pondered. "Your cousins Reginald and Hawthorne have done quite well, they fit in. They've lived a privileged life as well, but they still had to work hard. Hawthorne has taken over much of the company and has overseen its growth, and Reginald has become a very successful corporate attorney for us. And then there's Lawrence," she said looking on with disappointment wondering what to do with her errant nephew.

He tried to apologize again as he had done dozens of times before but this time Constance had had enough of Lawrence's playboy ways. "I've decided that you need to learn some humility and some manners and with luck you'll come around and finally become a productive member of this family and not be a constant embarrassment to all of us. And since I don't trust you out of my sight you'll stay here on the estate grounds and start by being given a modicum of responsibility by becoming a member of the full time staff."

"You mean a butler?" Lawrence said with a surprised smile. "You must be joking. I won't do it!" he said, his anger building. "I'm entitled to half of a three billion dollar fortune left to me and there's nothing you can do about it dear Auntie!" he said.

"Oh but there is!" she said with a smile as she poured herself a cup of tea from an expensive silver service. "You may have entitlements but due to a writer in your late fathers will I have a measure of control and determination over your future. You're not twenty one yet but even then I am still executrix of the estate. You see my brother wanted to see his corporate structure, his legacy continue on and he knew with you at the helm of half of that empire it wouldn't be long until you'd squandered away not only your share of the money but the families reputation as well. You'll stay on for a time as a servant and when I am satisfied you have indeed changed for the better you may rejoin the family once again." She pushed a small button on the table.

"How long will that take?" Lawrence chided at his latest punishment waiting for an answer.

"Months or years, it makes little difference to me Lawrence," Aunt Constance said then continued. "Judith will take you to your new quarters in the servant's wing?" she said as the middle aged lady, head of the servant staff entered the room then led a reluctant and angry Lawrence away to the servant quarters.

Things didn't go well afterwards. Lawrence appeared the next morning in a proper butler's uniform starched collar shined shoes and all then proceeded to serve the morning meal then go about his other duties of cleaning and straightening around the large estate under Judith's watchful eye. This lasted only a week though until Lawrence could stand no more. "Where do you think you are going Lawrence?" his aunt said as she watched him cross the living room in his casual street attire, keys for the Bentley dangling in his hand.

"I'm getting out of here. I'll be back for my things later," he said with authority as he continued towards the large front alcove.

"I don't think I made myself clear," Constance said. "You can leave of course but the cars in the garage are off limits now! You could walk to the bus stop down the road I suppose but then again that costs money doesn't it?" she said looking on.

Lawrence pulled out his billfold brimming with gold and platinum credit cards and breathed a sigh of relief to see several 100 dollar bills tucked neatly inside the folds of the expensive leather wallet. "I've got about $2000 dollars, that should do for a start," he said as he continued.

"And then what?" Constance queried.

"I'll take the bus to the car dealer and get another car! I can go anywhere do anything with my credit," he continued.

"That used to be true but I am sorry to say that all your credit through the family has been frozen, that is until I am satisfied that you have become a responsible adult. Your credit cards, your line of credit, and all of your borrowing capabilities have been nullified Lawrence. I've notified all the banks and lending institutions we deal with that you are no longer to have any signatory authority. You are still free to leave and you still have your $2000 dollars of course but that won't last long," Constance smiled as the noose tightened.

"I'll get a job then!" Lawrence said still determined to avoid the humiliation of having to be a butler for the Vanderworth family.

"And what kind of job would that be dear? Hummm?" Constance said in a melodic tone waiting for an answer. "You never bothered to finish college, you never applied yourself to anything constructive except to your hedonistic lifestyle and your playboy ways. I don't know of any jobs in that field. And being so small and slightly built you'd never last long at any construction or manual labor job. Look at your hands, you've been counting money all your life. But before you leave know this. Every time you leave and then return the punishment will grow, and, we've made other arrangements as well. As you know, we're a powerful family Lawrence, our corporate structure has quite a reach. You might find getting a job, any job for that matter to be quite a chore now!" she finished.

"I'll get a job and then you'll be hearing from my lawyer!" he said as he left through the front door slamming it behind him.

"You'll be back," Constance said to herself with a smile as she watched Lawrence walk down the long tree lined drive and towards the heavy iron gate at the front of the tree lined property.

Lawrence had little luck at the Porsche dealer, all his high limit credit cards had been either frozen or cancelled outright! Several phone calls to his meager list of friends didn't solve anything either, in fact they all sounded distant now and had little sympathy for him. He then realized that Constance must have been busy, by contacting his friends telling them not to interfere or help in any way. After another bus ride Lawrence soon realized he was on his own. He was turned away from the fancy hotels, the restaurants and even found himself barred from his favorite watering holes.

He finally stood inside at the door of a run down apartment peeling off three, one hundred dollar bills as his new landlord dressed in a T-shirt looked on chewing his stub of a cigar scratching the frazzled whiskers at his chin and raising an eyebrow at the sight of the crisp new notes. Lawrence handed them to the grizzled man who crumpled them tightly in his grasp. "Trash pickup is in the back, Tuesday's only. No pets and no loud parties!" Then motioning with his thumb as he chewed his cigar studied Lawrence. "Bathroom's down the hall, bring your own towels."

The squeaking door swung shut with a thud as the man shuffled off down the hallway while Lawrence moved through his dingy furnished apartment. The dusty odor of mildew and a trace of spoiled food filled the air as Lawrence moved through the room. He could hear the traffic noise on the street and see the flashing neon of the downtown area. He moved the tattered shade out of the way to open the window and after fighting to get the window up was only met by louder noise and the smell of bus fumes. He took a seat at the creaky kitchen table then noticed the tattered mismatched chairs. He then wondered what he would do once the money ran out!

He finally got a job washing dishes but at that low rate of pay it wasn't enough to get by on and Lawrence knew it wouldn't be long until the rent, the food and the bus fares emptied his reserves. But it didn't matter because a week after he got the job Constance learned where Lawrence was. After a short phone conversation with the manager Lawrence was soon out of a job!

"Well, well Lawrence dear, so nice to see you've come to your senses!" Aunt Constance beamed as the servant held the door and Lawrence entered.

"Alright, I've learned my lesson, back to being a servant. I'll go to my room," he said as he wearily began moving towards the butler's quarters.

"Wrong way dear!" Constance said with a smile as she then led Lawrence to the Maids wing and to his new room where Judith was already waiting.

"Are you out of your FUCKING MIND!?" Lawrence gasped as Judith took the dress from the closet then held up the women's black satin maid's uniform with a gleaming swish. This one wasn't the standard knee length black frock the other maids wore for work, this one was made of shiny black satin complete with frilly petticoats, cap and apron. And instead of the comfortable black oxfords that went with the standard outfit he noticed the several pairs of black patent leather pumps lining the closet floor in the closet of the feminine room. He also noticed they all had a six inch heel!

"I know it isn't our standard ladies uniform it's much more showy isn't it?" Constance giggled as she took in Lawrence's amazement and shock then watched that shock turn to anger.

"I did mention that if you failed to cooperate that your punishments would increase didn't I?" she said. "Before your last tirade you could have stayed on here as a butler and learned to become a proper gentleman but now I am afraid you'll be spending that time working as a proper maid now."

"I don't think so," he protested.

"You've always been on the small side haven't you dear, barely five feet tall and hardly 100 pounds dripping wet?" Constance quizzed Lawrence who had to stand there and take it now, until he could figure a better way out of this problem. "Such a small and fragile boy, and just the slightest bit effeminate don't you agree?" she said to a smiling Judith. "Yes from the beginning. A small boy who became a small and fragile little man. Isn't that right Lawrence?" she continued. "I felt the maid's outfit a suitable punishment. You wouldn't remember Judith because it was before you came to be in my employ here but years ago I discovered that dear Lawrence had a penchant for ladies lingerie and dresses. I caught him in my room one afternoon playing dress up in my things! It was quite a shock. I thought it might have been an experimental phase with him back then it was strange to say the least, but now I'm not so sure. But that doesn't matter because Lawrence's exploits have gone far beyond that now haven't they dear?" Constance said as Judith, still holding the satin maid's outfit up smiled and stifled a giggle as Lawrence's shame began to show on his face.

"You'll see to the upstairs and then spend your days dusting. Judith, see to it that Lawrence is properly dressed, made up and instructed would you?" Constance said as a serving maid brought in a tray of food for Lawrence and set it aside on a table. "He must be hungry, allow him to eat then get him cleaned up. I want him properly dressed and then busy working in the morning," she finished, and with that she turned and left the room. Judith hung the dress back up and left the room for her further duties while Lawrence took notice of the piping hot supper on the serving tray. It didn't take him long to quickly begin eating his fill.

The snickers and smiles from members of the other staff soon faded due in part to Constance's orders and in their getting used to Lawrence's daily presence as he minced about the large house dressed properly now as a French maid! They all knew about Lawrence's punishment that was now designed to break him and to force him into some resemblance of an upscale gentleman and wondered how long it would take or if the process Constance laid out would even work. The time passed and Lawrence found himself droning through his days, doing his time. He wanted to leave, wanted to walk right out once again but as the thoughts of that miserable scruffy landlord and the miserable apartment returned to his mind he continued on and did as he was told.

"You really must keep your seams straight dear," Constance said as she approached Lawrence who was busy dusting a few days later. She saw to it, then adjusted his lace trimmed cap, checked his abundant makeup and his gloss red lips then adjusted his white, lace trimmed satin apron and finished by retying it into a sturdy but large and feminine bow at the back. She finished by fluffing his white nylon petticoats and smoothing his gleaming black satin skirt. By now Lawrence had learned to curtsey all to his aunts satisfaction. As he left with his ever present feather duster she continued to watch as he minced and wiggled on his high stiletto heels as he continued straightening and dusting. Satisfied with her progress, she returned to her business in her large sitting room of looking over reports and the company business.

The days and weeks passed. Then one month then another and another. Finally Lawrence confronted his aunt. "I've had enough! When does this end? I've done what you asked!" he questioned angrily falling out of the feminine character Judith had seen to.

"My, my! Such an angry little niece aren't we?" Constance said as she put her papers down, took off her glasses then looked to Lawrence who stood nearby the large table in the sunlit sitting room.

"Niece!? I'm your nephew, your nephew Lawrence, remember!?" he said angrily as he tossed the feather duster aside then pulled off his frilly maid's cap causing several hair pins to "ping" as they arced through the air falling to the floor. He then undid the white satin apron with a swish and tossed it aside on a nearby chair.

"You are coming along nicely Lawrence dear, but you need so much more conditioning. You need to show me a much better attitude before you will be allowed back into the butler's wing. And then in another six months maybe a year we can talk about you going back to college and getting your life back in order," Constance said.

The thought of another strict routine with college and then a tightly structured job and career didn't sit well for this billionaire playboy. He wanted to do as he pleased and live the easy life he had grown accustomed to. She watched as his anger began to build. "You're pushing my patience Lawrence, don't make me add still more time to your sentence here with us," she cautioned.

Lawrence would have none of it. He kicked off the stiletto heels and struggled to find the zipper at the back of the black satin maid's uniform. "I don't feel w...well," he said as he struggled. "I...I'm not doing this anymore and I'm not wearing this shit anymore either!" he said as the satin gleamed and the chiffon petticoats of the dress swished and swirled until finally he had the front of the dress down around his waist. He then struggled with the tight padded white satin brassiere and finally tore it away in anger to reveal a change. Constance smiled with satisfaction at seeing her nephew this way, and now fully under her control.

"What have you done to me!" Lawrence screamed as she noticed the slight jiggle of his slightly budding new breasts and how his areolae and nipples were already enlarging and turning a darker shade of pink!

"I thought you might not be able to become a proper gentleman, to fit into polite society, so I added a safeguard Lawrence dear," she said as Lawrence's shook his head quizzically not knowing what to make of things now.

"Since you returned I've had you on a mild dosage of female hormones to quiet you down dear," she said, "to make you more compliant. But I see it hasn't worked the way I had planned," she said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. "But there is still one more plan," she said turning towards the door and nodding as Judith then entered the room.

Judith was larger and heavier built than Lawrence was and with his maid's dress still around his waist it didn't take her long to seat him in a sturdy chair near Constance's large desk. Lawrence was caught off guard as she took the sturdy fleece lined cuffs from a bag she had with her and quickly began by strapping Lawrence's wrists and ankles to the chair then finished by cinching a lined leather belt around his waist tightly until he couldn't move.

"You're a failure as a Vanderworth and you're a failure as a man Lawrence. A limp wristed trust fund baby, a sissy who never had to work a day in his life and has caused far more trouble than he was ever worth. I've thought about it for a long time and have come to one conclusion. You're a baby Lawrence, nothing more than a baby! You don't do anything, you're not productive and on and on it goes doesn't it? Well, I've decided that since you are a baby, we'll just continue on as if you really were one! You won't have to work anymore, you'll be looked after constantly and for the rest of your life you'll be pampered and cared for and enjoy all the leisure you could ever imagine!"

Lawrence felt a bit of relief, that he'd won the battle with his aunt Constance and that he'd finally get back to the way he was living before. "Alright, I'm a baby, I admit it. So let me go, let me go now huh?" he questioned as he struggled in his chair. But things turned for the worse when he noticed Judith approach. He noticed her dousing a large wad of cotton with chloroform.

She moved quickly behind Lawrence and cupped his chin tilting his neck back. He then "Mmmfffdddd" in wide eyed surprise as she clamped the chloroformed cotton over his nose and mouth! "Now just relax and breathe normally Lawrence dear, it won't take long," Constance said as she watched him struggle and strain at the straps refusing to breathe until finally she heard him gasp and then cough as he began to breathe in the sickly smelling potion.

"You'll be out for quiet some time but when you awake and finally come to your senses I can assure you darling that you'll be well cared for, you'll never want or have to worry about anything ever again," Constance said with satisfaction as she watched Lawrence's struggles weaken and then watched his eyes become glassy and then flutter as Judith, head of the maid's staff continued to hold the fluffy cotton tightly over his face. And then as Judith took the chloroform away and set it aside Constance watched as the nurse unstrapped the sleeping Lawrence then easily lifted his small frame from the chair and carried him away!

As the months passed it was mostly a dreamless state, punctuated by strange voices and the occasional bright light that would come and go and the feeling of being touched and prodded and then wheeled to and fro and then driven around from place to place. Sometimes Lawrence would enter an almost light sleep phase where he would imagine getting free of his aunt Constance then taking his share of the estate and moving away to live a life of his choosing but then the darkness would return again and that floating sensation, that dreamless state would once again close in. But finally Lawrence was once again back home secure within the gated confines of the sprawling Vanderworth estate.

Lawrence heard a faint gurgle and then a slight giggling sound as his eyes began to focus. He felt hands upon him once again but this time it was different. There was a woman standing over him, smiling, talking baby talk as she went over him with a warm damp wash cloth. The woman continued on then dried him with a towel then after lifting him onto a large changing table she began applying a liberal amount of baby powder to his hairless naked form!

Consciousness returned gradually until Lawrence realized this time he was finally awake! He blinked then stared wide eyed around the room watching as the woman searched through the dressers and the closets brimming with dresses gathering clothing until she approached with what looked like a pink baby's outfit complete with a bonnet all done up in satin frills and bows! He tried to move, tried to get up and to leave but could only thrash and twitch! He tried moving his hands but could only weakly flail his arms. He gasped and tried to speak at the sensation of not being able to move on his own then noticed only a high pitched girlish babble that sounded like the chatter of a baby! The room he now recognized as the large corner room of the house that used to be a small library had now been done over into a large babies room! He noticed the large custom built crib, the large changing table and the oversized baby stroller. He noticed the childlike paintings on the walls and the wind up mobile that floated over the bed and chimed a nursery rhyme as it moved round and round. He searched his thoughts then remembered that his aunt had said she was converting the room. It was quite apparent now that she had done just that!

He struggled to turn and managed to roll over onto his stomach but found he was now so weak he could barely hold his head up! "Now now baby dear," the woman cooed as she quickly flipped him back over then began rubbing a baby wipe over his crotch. He twitched and flailed like a baby as the woman worked then looked down to see her working the baby wipe over his new, and quite hairless vagina! He gasped and twitched again wide eyed, trying to form words from a now quite toothless mouth as it contorted trying to form words but still only a babyish babble came out!

He was quickly powdered and fitted into a diaper and then pink plastic pants. The woman quickly continued with ruffled white satin panties with lavish lace trim and pink satin bows at the front of each leg and at the little waist! She then put lace trimmed ankle socks onto his feet that were pointed like those of a ballerina. Constance had seen to this as part of Lawrence's treatment by keeping his feet tightly bound and immobile during his transformation to ensure his feet would always look pretty and dainty and that he would now be forever incapable of walking. It didn't matter though.

The series of injections to Lawrence's spine atrophied and diminished the nerves in his spinal column leaving him permanently with the coordination and limited strength of an infant. The voice was a bit tougher to manage but with most of his vocal cords removed and the remainder tightened into a very high register all he could do now was coo and babble in a curious baby girl's voice!

His mind began to spin as the pink satin booties were affixed to his pointed toes and secured up around his ankles in big pink satin bows. He was then fitted into a white nylon chemise of sorts and then fitted into a frilly, beribboned pink satin dress which securely zipped and buttoned up the back. The lady tied the bow securely then after combing his wispy blonde hair and putting a pink satin ribbon on the top she put the matching pink satin bonnet over his head and secured the sash into a pretty bow under his chin.

She then lifted the now "babified" Lawrence in her arms and moved to a large reclining chair where she sat and cradled him in her lap. He then watched in horror as she unbuttoned the front of her dress and after slipping down the strap and lacy cup of her white nylon slip she unhooked the top of one of the brassiere cups to expose a large and pendulous breast. She was wearing a nursing bra! He realized as he then noticed a droplet of milk already forming on the erecting nipple!

Lawrence became rigid. He struggled and twisted as the lady held him across her lap trying to steer her engorged nipple to his mouth but he resisted. "Come now baby Kimberly," she said as she tried further rocking in the chair holding him tight trying to comfort him but it was no use. She finally re-hooked her brassiere, put her slip back into place, then buttoned her dress. She then laid Lawrence in his large crib and wound the musical mobile. "I sure hope you start feeding soon sweetie," she said as she tucked Lawrence into bed. He watched with wild eyes as she dimmed the lights then left the room closing the large white door behind her!

"I'm sorry mum, but the baby won't feed. It's been a week and we ladies are getting a bit worried," the kind lady said as her and four others stood in Constance's sitting room office. She began handing out the sizable weekly checks to each of the ladies comforting them. "She's just coming around, but don't worry, when she gets hungry, she'll eat. I'll accompany you in the morning for the first feeding, it'll be fine you'll see," she said with a smile ushering the ladies out of the room thanking them for their time for the previous week.

Lawrence struggled in his crib, he pulled at the sturdy white plastic covered rails at the side of the crib but couldn't pull himself up. He tried further but could only flail his arms, he could hear the swish of the pink satin sheets as he struggled to kick his legs but could do little more. He gasped, tried to yell out for help but once again the "goo, goo" babble returned ending his efforts to try and speak! He was forced to lay in the crib and stare at the baby like pictures on the wall and watch as the mobile slowly twirled above him quietly chiming a nursery rhyme!

The next morning Lawrence heard the large white door to his room open wide and saw the woman from the night before enter followed by his aunt Constance. He noticed the word "Nursery" on the outside of the door then looked out into the familiar hallway to see he was indeed back at the mansion and in the upstairs room that used to be the small library. He heard the ladies talking like nothing was out of the ordinary as they entered. The woman returned to the crib, lowered the side then gathered the now twitching Lawrence. She then moved him to the large rocking chair and cradled him in her lap once again. She unbuttoned her dress as before then loosened the cup of her slip but before she could unhook her nursing bra Constance stopped her then motioned Judith into the room. This time she had another contraption, a funnel and a rubber tube arrangement! She also carried a large bottle of a milky liquid! Constance then smiled and spelled things out.

"How are you today my dear baby Kimberly? Hummm?" she cooed at him as if she was really talking to a baby. "I know it's been awhile but there was so much to do you must realize? But you must not put up a fuss now, you must eat!" she cautioned. "I told you that you were going to be cared for and looked after from now and on but you really are too thin, you should see yourself Kimberly dear," Constance said. "You were always small as a man, barely a hundred pounds if I remember correctly, but now at a mere 65 pounds you are simply too thin. Let's try and get you back up to 70 or 75, that would be so much nicer and then you'd look like a pretty bouncing baby just like I planned. When you are offered the breast you must take it, otherwise, I'm afraid we'll have to force feed you Kimberly! And that wouldn't be nearly as pleasant," Constance said as she gave Lawrence, now Kimberly the time to choose.

She motioned for the lady to unhook her nursing brassiere as they looked on. Lawrence twitched and struggled as the large milk filled pendulous globe swung free, the nipple growing erect in the cool room air as the familiar drop of milk began forming at the tip. The woman cradled his head and steered his toothless, contorted mouth until it was over her breast and he took the nipple between his lips then felt it enter his mouth! "Start feeding Kimberly," Constance warned as they all waited until finally Lawrence had no choice but to start sucking.

He felt the warm milk flow and then begin to fill his mouth as the woman held his head to her large swollen breast. He began swallowing as he suckled then continued on. Constance motioned for Judith, still looking on, holding the feeding tube to leave then looked on as the lady continued to feed Lawrence. The lady began to rock, finally feeling relief at being able to rid herself of her large supply of milk that was now flowing into Lawrence's mouth and down his throat all to Constance's satisfaction.

"Make sure she gets her fill, we need to get her weight up now," Constance mentioned then watched as baby Kimberly finished the first breast and was soon moved over and started on the second breast. Finally Constance put a towel over the ladies shoulder as she lifted the now bloated and flailing Kimberly up and put her over her shoulder. She began patting her back to burp her and Kimberly twitched and cried out just like a baby until the burp came and the gas was gone.

"I'll check her diaper after her nap," Constance said as she took Kimberly from the lady who then fixed her dress and went to clean herself up. Constance placed her new 'niece' Kimberly, her back in her crib and looked down with a smile as she giggled.

"Now that wasn't so hard now was it sissy girl?" She giggled. "You just mind us now, well you don't really have any choice now do you?" She giggled yet again as she pulled the covers up around the flailing Kimberly and tucked her in for her morning nap.

Kimberly could only gasp and whimper like a baby as Constance went down the roster of procedures. Lawrence had been given female hormones but they were halted soon after his little breasts began to form. But he was then castrated and a vagina was created which included a clitorise and the ability to lubricate! Laser treatments had totally removed all traces of body hair and his eyebrows had been plucked into babyish wisps just like the hair on his head had been tailored into a woman's hairline but then shortened and thinned to the point that Lawrence actually looked like a baby now with just enough hair to comb and curl and put pretty ribbons in!

Of course all his teeth had been removed and his vocal chords adjusted along with the work on his spine to always ensure that he would only retain the movements and gestures of an infant! It was as complete a job as Constance could arrange.

"I think you'll be coming right along," she said as she continued. "With my resources it was little trouble to find several attractive lactating women willing to play wet nurse to you. They'll be feeding you several times each day from now and on. They are larger framed women but need to be to lift you easily and their larger bust size should ensure you more than enough milk! We'll get you on baby food in a few weeks but with all your teeth gone now I'm afraid you won't be having anything solid anymore so I would try and forget about the steak dinners and the like," she giggled again knowing she was firmly in control as she took off her bonnet then fussed with the pink satin bow in her hair. She then stroked Kimberly's cheek then noticed a tear trickling down her now pretty face as she gasped at what had happened and began to cry.

Constance simply took a large pacifier from the dresser and inserted it into Kimberly's mouth. She then tied the pink satin ribbon around her head to hold it tightly in place so she couldn't spit it out. "You're safe at home now darling, where you'll live out the rest of your life being taken care of and catered to just like you wanted, although not quite the way you wanted," she giggled.

"I'm sure you'll fall into line. Otherwise it would be such a shame for you to be left here in this pretty babies room by yourself for years on end now wouldn't it? Imagine listening to this pretty mobile for years to come as it chimes away and looking at all those childish pictures on the walls knowing the only contact you'll have is with the ladies who care for you. Imagine them reading you only baby stories and nursery rhymes for decades to come. With your mind as sharp and as intact as it ever was but with no television, no books, no contact with the outside world only the ladies that feed you, bathe you and dress you it could be quite maddening I imagine!" she said smiling as she looked on at the bulging terror filled eyes and the girlish baby whimpers as Kimberly fought against the pacifier plug!

"You'll soon come along won't you darling? And in time, I can take you out in your stroller now and then and we'll have a lovely walk through the gardens on the grounds. You'll soon see that cooperation has its rewards too Kimberly. I might allow one of the ladies to massage your little nipples or even your little clitorise! You'll find that very exciting and very pleasurable as you come to know your new body. Yes, we'll have a fine time Kimberly," she said.

"You fall into line as a proper little baby girl from now and on and we'll have all sorts of fun and enjoyment. Otherwise I'm afraid you could find yourself not leaving this room for many, many years. Isn't that right baby Kimberly? Hummm?" Constance said with a cooing smile as she wiped Kimberly's tear away as the baby stared glassy eyed at the turning mobile above the crib and she twitched and kicked weakly under the satin sheets blubbering like a baby girl as her dear aunt Constance looked on with a satisfied contented smile.

"You're no longer a problem are you Lawrence. You're baby Kimberly now and no problem at all! Take your nap now darling babykins, I'll be back to check in on you later," she said as she smoothed the covers, wound the chiming mobile then dimmed the lights and left the room closing the door behind her. Kimberly heard the sturdy deadbolt as the door locked then listened as the mobile turned churning out that same nursery rhyme song that now echoed through the room. She laid in the crib smelling the floral scent of all the baby powders and potions and looked upon the feminine stuffed toys and the feminine nursery furniture placed around the room and she noticed those childish pictures on the wall yet again! Kimberly tried to cry out but the tightly affixed pacifier kept her quiet. She tried to struggle yet again but could still only twitch in her crib and stare at the ceiling and the twirling mobile in wide eyed terror at what had happened.